Animating a web site and making such things as menus interactive is a highly skilled role requiring a good understanding of both graphics, software and code. To ensure your site can foot it on the world stage, you have to ensure you have world class designers.

Animation need to be effective to add value

Kiwiwebs has on staff skilled designers who are experienced in working with a variety of leading animation software. These specialists in multimedia and animation can create the perfect effects for your needs.

Video Editing need For HERE AND OVERSEAS

In today's world of visual media, video can get your message to customers very quickly. Even simple things such as user manuals are often being converted into short instructional videos that can be used online of embedded in CDs and DVDs.

Kiwiwebs has completed a number of promotional and instructional videos for both New Zealand clients and for clients overseas. We have also filmed a variety of adverts and videos for businesses too. At Kiwiwebs we use the latest generation Apple hardware and software to create your projects.