CD/DVD/Blu-ray Creation

Kiwiwebs has its own in-house CD print & duplication equipment. This service allows us to complete entire CD design and production projects in-house, while also offering the print & duplication facility to local firms.
On this page: CD/DVD Creation and Production, VHS to DVD/MP4 Transfer

CD/DVD Creation and Production

Multimedia involves the blending of many technologies and skills.

At Kiwiwebs we can ensure this blending works to create the perfect tool for your company and product.

Recent projects blend the storage capacity of the CD, with live active connection to web sites to ensure the use has hi-resolution images with topical and current pricing and sales information.

Alternatively if you are looking for a more static online publication, have a look at our e-book service.

Using Primera technology, our Bravo duplicator burns and prints a CD every three minutes, while also allowing us to stack the bins so that it self loads for longer runs. We can print 12cm, 8cm and Business Card shaped CD's. We can also arrange the production of DVD's as well. Our unit is capable of 2400dpi full colour photographic output and can bleed to the very edge of the CD. There is 40mm inner circle area on the 8cm and 12cm disks.

We invite people to contact us and we can show you samples of our work.

Print terms and other information:

    • • A one time set up fee of $25.00 is charged
      • Produced from Master CD supplied
      • Artwork to be supplied as 600dpi tif or font embedded eps
      • One proof will be produced for testing - courier costs may apply
      • Re-runs within 12 months do not incur set up fee.
      • Additional proofs charged at standard single rate
      • Delivery date to be set at time of order or as completed
      • Delivery Costs are additional
      • All Prices are EXCLUSIVE of GST

    Below are some indicative pricing for CD/DVD Production. Please call for a quote.

• CD (12cm) Duplication - 0-100 units $4.90 per unit, 100+ units $4.20 per unit
• Mini-CD (8cm) Duplication - 0-100 units $5.50 per unit, 100+ units $4.80 per unit
• DVD (12cm) Duplication - 0-100 units $4.90 per unit, 100+ units $4.20 per unit

Packaging options
• Plastic sleeve (12 cm) - $0.40 each
• Plastic sleeve (8 cm) - $0.50 each
• Slimline jewel case (12 cm) - $1.00
• Standard jewel case (12 cm) - $1.00
• Standard DVD case - $3.00
• Blank DVD can be supplied - minimum order 200 units
Trade Prices Available - Please Ask For A Quote.

VHS to DVD or MP4 Transfers

Video have changed the way New Zealanders keep their family histories. The ability to catch the family in action and record voices, mannerisms and humour means we have a more real memory to keep for the future. Nowadays even phone can capture at extremely high quality.

However there are many people who still have old video tapes of family and functions and now struggle to play these units. Because of deterioration and changes in technology, our home movies are quickly fading away. VHS and similar tapes have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, yet can start failing in as little as 2-3 years if not stored correctly. Stray magnetic fields (eg cell phones and music speakers) can also erase VHS tapes. Usage will degrade your tapes on every viewing.

However there is now an alternative. Kiwiwebs is pleased to offer VHS tape transfer to DVD. Our experience and technology allows you to preserve your tapes by transferring the contents onto an archival DVD.

A DVD has a lifespan of up to 100 years, providing a permanent family archive. DVD’s can be easily duplicated so copies can be spread among family and friends. A DVD can be viewed and shared time and time again with no loss in picture or audio quality.

With a Kiwiwebs DVD each disc has a surface print of your personalized titles and messages. Unlike more common sticky labels we print directly to the disk surface. This process eliminates disc wobble and will not peel off due to heat. We can also take most formats and sizes of videotape.
Call today for a no obligation chat about archiving and to find out what other services we can offer, including full video editing and indexing, image restoration and data archiving.