DTP/Print Management

Making your job easier is the goal. By helping you to concentrate on the message rather than getting bogged down in details you will have more time to ensure your print work works for you.

Proven design skills backed by the latest technology

For over 20 years the Kiwiwebs team have been providing desktop publishing services to businesses around New Zealand. Apart from the traditional work of logo design, flyers, booklets and catalogues, we have also worked on some more unusual design projects too. These have included designing the look and feel of Atomic rental skis for Turoa Skifields, the decals for a new range of carbon fibre bikes, marketing material for a US police holster, and branding for a major US fitness company that was used internationally.

Print management and competitive pricing for any print job

We can arrange drafts, designs, proofs, quotes, printing and delivery all at very competitive prices. We can provide a series of quotes to ensure the best value is obtained. All quotes are supplied for the client to view and we do NOT add markup or charge commissions. Clients pay for our time and adding a hidden markup would be double dipping and unfair.

In New Zealand we have worked with a variety of printers around New Zealand. If asked, we recommend H&A Print to all clients for the high quality work and speed they offer.

Printing in China: With the increasing acceptability of ordering online, companies are now prepared to look at printing overseas due to the significant savings that can be made on large print jobs. While there is the delay in delivery, if this can be built into the process, then for large print jobs savings of between 40% and 60% can be made. Kiwiwebs have formed a close relationship with IMEE Printers in Hangzhou China. We visit the company on as regular basis and can work with them to ensure the quality of the work exceeds your expectations.