Product Sourcing/Importing

The Kiwiwebs team have inspected manufacturing facilities and met with many international software companies in a variety of countries including China, Canada, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Europe

To guarantee quality you have to inspect the factory.

To guarantee quality of the products you want to buy we believe you have to inspect the factory and meet the people who will be making your product. Sitting down face to face and getting to know the people makes communication easier, allows a better negotiation on price and helps guarantee a better quality final product.

If you do not have the time to visit, we can visit for you. If the cost of visiting can not be justified, then we can visit as part of one of our larger inspection tours, meaning travel costs can be shared and so reducing the cost to you.

If you are looking for specific products or services, such as printing, clothing, promotional items or electronic products then we can use one of our proven and trusted suppliers and get you a highly competitive quote.

Call us to request a no obligation quote for any products you may need.