Kiwiwebs have sold their office building at 10 Dublin Street and are moving to a new building at 72 Treadwell Street, Whanganui.

"The Dublin Street premises have been fantastic for the past 12 years" says Kiwiwebs owner, Nygllhuw Morris, "however with the change in focus and the ending of the New Zealand call centre for Lost Pets, the building is simply too large for our needs."

Another factor in the move to the new location is it will offer Nygllhuw and Julie a better work/life balance by reducing travel times to work. Instead of a 23km round trip every time something has been forgotten at the office, in the future it will be as simple as walking downstairs. By purchasing a large 4,000 square foot home, with a seperate 1200 square foot annex, Kiwiwebs now has a dedicated space close at hand. Nygllhuw added" Being back in the city not only means response times can be improved, but also we will be much easier to contact outside work hours now our mobile coverage will work reliably, unlike out in Westmere."