Books by Nygllhuw Morris

For many years Nygllhuw Morris had a syndicated fortnightly column on technology that was used in a number of New Zealand newspapers. During this time he was also a regular monthly columnist for CIO magazine. Building on this experience, in 2009 Nygllhuw Morris announced his first book called "Having Fun in China." Since then he has also co-produced a book on Wanganui with Mark Brimblecombe and is currently completing two more books on his travels in Asia.

Having Fun in China

In October 2008, Nygllhuw, Julie & Jadzia Morris spent the month touring China. This started a love affair with this fantastic country that led to four more trips, totaling almost three months during 2008/2009. While much of this time was spent visiting major historical sites, they also spent a great deal of time getting off the beaten track and just meeting and photographing local people in their own surroundings.

To celebrate these travels, Nygllhuw has created a book based on a selection of the over 6,000 photos taken during the various trips. Broken into four sections (people, places, food and the wall) the book also contains captions, personal comments and impressions from Nygllhuw. Privately published this book is now available in hard copy for NZ$50 + GST inclusive, or in ebook format for $7.99 + GST.

Having Fun in China - The travels of a couch potato and his cutie pie
120 gloss pages, soft cover, 21cm x 23cm
Released February 2010 - ISBN: 978-0-473-16548-2.


For some sample pics from Shanghai, China, click here
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Other Countries

As well as Asia, Nygllhuw has been fortunate to visit a number of other countries. His current list of places visited includes:

England, Wales, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Panama, Barbados, Curacao, Tahiti, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Channel Islands, Pakistan, America, Canada, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Australia, Macau, Tibet, Austria, Belgium, Scotland and the Cook Islands