Photography - Photo Editing

Kiwiwebs offers a range of photographic and photo editing services

Stunning images for the best effect

Regardless of purpose, Kiwiwebs can assist with all forms of photography. From portrait to landscape, from artistic to commercial. Our work has included portraits of dignitaries, community groups, weddings, staff portraits for company profiles, as well as commercial photography for catalogues, brochures, posters and video.

We have also completed work on repairing old images and creating images for display purposes. One task involved scanning an image of a Lancaster Bomber and then using images of the crew from other photos to create a shot of them standing in front of the plane. This image was then used for display purposes. We have also taken old damaged images where they are ripped or blemished and recreated a new image that is fully repaired.

Kiwiwebs also works with other leading photographers to provide even greater services. In Wanganui we work with Mark Brimblecombe, Mark's photography is world class and his local landscape and people shots are often used to promote Wanganui.