SEO/Web Marketing

We can assist with all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as other Web Marketing techniques such as html optimisation, better content development, keyword development, site restructuring, link acquisitions, online (and sometimes offline) advertising, google adwords, google analytics and competitive evaulation. No reputable SEO technique will increase your ranking overnight, but a good campaign will give steady and sustained increase in ranking.

How can Kiwiwebs help?

As former lecturers and program leaders for the Trade and Enterprise BizInfo program, Kiwiwebs provide training to many SME's throughout New Zealand. This work has now expanded to providing SEO and Site Advice to overseas businesses in Australia, China and Europe.

The key steps to for a Kiwiwebs SEP plan include:

1. Keyword Research
2. Competitive Analysis
3. Site Optimisation
4. Content Creation
5. Engine Submission
6. Article Creation/Assessment
7. Link Building
8. Social Networking/Bookmarking
9. Assessment and Monitoring

More specifically elements we can provide include:

Website SEO Audit
Our audit can be a quick overview or a full page by page assessement along with assessment on current rankings in multiple engines. The complexity is decided by the needs of the client and the size of the site.

Home Page SEO
Home page optimisation is a narrow focus on working to get the home page working well. It may also target other key pages in a site. Apart from the page assessment this specific SEO addresses a variety of common failings including page titles, page headings, metatags, content assessment and link building.

Link Building
The value of link development is one of the most debated features of SEO. It is also one of the most common scams on the net where people offer thousands of links - but if links are not "quality" links they can actually do more long term harm than good. A well chosen, good quality link is many times more valuable than hundreds of free submissions.

Google Adwords Campaigns
Kiwiwebs can setup and manage your Adwords camapigns, or we can show you how you can easily monitor your own budget. Do not be fooloed into paying hundreds of dollars for an online specialist to give you a basic adwords campain for a single word - talk to us first and we can see if you can save dollars for additional advertising.

SEO Content Writing
Content writing to help your ranking is really more about organisation of quality content. The key thing to remember is writing for the web is unlike writing for letters, reports, books or email. Organising text to ensure it is readable and contains they keywords and associative text in the correct manner requires good training.