The Kiwiwebs Team

The Kiwiwebs team includes full-time employees, specialised contractors and strategic business partners. Our main office is based in Wanganui, New Zealand, however our team are spread throughout the world.

With the high degree of specialisation and a global client base Kiwiwebs operates wherever it is required. Utilising video conferencing, shared cloud storage, mobile internet and other smart technologies the team can operate from almost any location.

Kiwiwebs subsidiary company, Animal Register Limited is also based in the Wanganui offices and is also managed by Kiwiwebs owner, Nygllhuw Morris.

Introducing our CORE team

Name Title Roles
Nygllhuw Morris The Boss Design, Client Interface, Development, Marketing, Creative Writing, Hosting, CD production, Training, Arts, Graphic Design, Editorial, Video and Management
Julie Morris The REAL Boss Training, Customer Support, Administration, Database Administration, Financials and Accounts
Shaughan Tizard Programmer Design, Animation, Flash, HTML, Joomla, Coding
Simon Morris Programmer Software Development, Server Support

Firms we partner with

Name Description
H&A Design and Print Digital and press based printers, stationary and design
SiteHost New Zealand based site hosting
Silver-i Design and graphic illustration
Mark Brimblecombe Photography & Publishing
IMEE Printing Chinese Printer based in Hangzhou
Video Systems Multimedia production
Soartech Electronics RFID and Electronics