Vietnam First Pics
( sorry photos are low res and as yet raw so no lighting or colour balance done.)

Incence Display - Street Market

Flag over Citadel - Hue

Old District 2 dissappearing fast

Ladies teaching me Vietnamese
Reunification Train

Another Station Stop (near Nha Trang?)

Market Gardener
Hoi An

Train Food

Hoi An

Fishing Vessel
Hoi An

Yaly the tailor

Hai Van Pass

Looking over to
An Cu, Phu Loc

Best Motorbike Ride in the World
Hai Van Pass

Hand Embroidered Cloth
Yaly - Hoi An



Street Butcher
4.30am - Hanoi

Ha Long

Ha Long

Floating Village
Ha Long

Jewellery Seller
Ha Long

Ha Long

A Great Meal in a Small Place
Restaurant Owners - Doi Can Rd, Hanoi

B52 crashed int this small lagoon surrounded by buildings and has never been removed. Now a memorial

Eat Inside but cooked outside

Making Spring Roll Wrappers





Coastal River


Monk - Hue

Trainee Monks

Outside Hue

Tu Duc


Museum is a harsh and hard to take reminder of recent history on both sides of the battle. Fortunately buddhism teaches not to dwell in the past, but concentrate on the present.

Makes me happy I have chosen the five precepts if the locals can move forward and accept foreigners so easily for what is recent history, or even this lifetime for some.


Bullet Holes - Hue

Citadel - Hue

Near Prao

Toward the HCM highway

Local Village
Just stopped at a village for a rest and
I think everyone came along to say hello

Climbing toward Laos

Hornet Wine with the locals
Not kidding - real bees

The Hornet Wine (stagnant water) on the table is STRONG alcohol.
Fun night hanging with locals though.

For once I had to be organised so ended up with a small convoy
my bike, guides bike, mechanics bike, spare bike & the jeep to store everything in and for non-riding family. Had to stop every hour for everyone to catch up!!!

Village Children

Village Fields

Village Elder - Wasnt sure of her own age

Near Laos border

Cars and trucks came down this road too... quickly!

Marble Mountain

My Son - Great to Visit
Took me 90 mins to get there, 35 minutes back. Moral of the story...
Dont hire a scooter and leave in a monsoon for a place you dont know where it is and you dont have a map... Actually do do it - it fun exploring

On The Road

On the way to My Son
Dont think this is the main road any longer <g>


Riding in Hanoi is crazy!
Scariest riding ever and can't wait to do it again.

Sa Pa
So many photo ops!!!

Older sister (and sales girl) looking after younger siblings.
Near Hau Thao

Bac ha Horse Market

Cattle Market
(put some photos on trip advisor too here)

Bac Ha

Near Bao Thang

Near Ninh Binh
Another great ride

Near Loc Binh

All through the smaller roads and villages kids want hi fives and photos as you ride along. VERY friendly

HCMC - I swapped with my driver so I rode and he was the passenger. All went well till we hit a major intersection and I forgot they are on the opposite side of the road. 100 + bikes, cars and trucks coming straight at us was a good lesson!!!!


Lunchtime Siesta

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