Creative Writing - Translation

The Kiwiwebs team provide a creative writing service for clients.

Proven writing skills for web and print

We can take the raw data about your firm, products and services and can rewrite this into marketing copy for use in publications and web sites. As well as creative writing for clients, Kiwiwebs also provides columns for publication. To date columns and articles have been provided for IDG Publications, Wilson & Horton and a variety of smaller in-house magazines and club newsletters.

The Kiwiwebs team provide a full online publishing (e-book) service. We take your raw data or finished words, and reformat the text and images into a web optimised publication suitable for your needs. If your project involves more video and other animated elements, we can also create a fully interactive publication too.


Language is important for the best understanding of the message. Making the end user feel you are communicating directly with them can mean creating a site in the language of their choice. Translation is not just about converting text - it is recognising what the target market feel and understanding their grammatical nuances. We work with top international translation agencies and locally based translators in the target market to achieve the best results.

We have worked with translators based in Auckland, Australia, Korea, China, Peru, France and the United Kingdom, to ensure they know the local markets we are translating to.