Promotional Items - Sourcing and Importing

Kiwiwebs can arrange for anything you need to be created


The common misconception is that New Zealand is so far away from everywhere that we are unable to easily source custom items from overseas. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Kiwiwebs works with companies around New Zealand and around the world to ensure our clients have access to the best that is available. We can arrange for the production and delivery of any item to your doorstep.

Some examples of items we have arranged:

  • Mousepads and computer accessories
  • Clothing and merchandise for the 2012 International Vintage Car Rally
  • Custom collar tags for pets in New Zealand
  • Torches and lights for various clients
  • RFID Microchips for pet implantation
  • USB Drives in custom branded designs
  • Scanners/Readers for chipped pets
  • Packaging and promotional material to meet high volume needs